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Welcome to our store, where we love creative work and are passionate about what we do. Creating a project is an adventure that should be enjoyable and just like we enjoy creating, we strive to help you find just what you need for the projects you have in mind, even if it’s just a finished project that you’re buying, we want you to feel excited about making it part of your life.  If you find something you love but is out of stock, please let us know and we’ll find the way to restock, replicate or make/get something similar that will still make you as excited as the previous one. Suggestions are also welcome. Ready to start shopping with us?

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Find Beads You Need, For Your DIY Beading Projects

Shop for the beads you need in smaller quantities for your diy projects, instead of buying full packs you can buy just a few pieces. Packages will start at 5, 10, 15, and 20 pc. Maybe you just want to try your hand with just one project but having to buy full packs is not ideal for you, then look no more, we offer smaller options for you and if you find that you like your new project and want to make more, we also offer bigger packs. Our growing, loyal community of clients knows that we’ll always do our best to find what they’re looking for. Visit us today and join our growing family of happy customers!


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